At Life Pivot Counselling, we provide child-centered play therapy and individual and couple counselling. We welcome and work with children, adults and couples across different age groups and cultural backgrounds, and from all walks of life.

We provide counselling services in English, Mandarin or Sign Language.

Areas of issues we provide counselling for includes:

 * Emotion regulation
 * Anger management
 * Stress and Anxiety
 * Depression
 * Grief and Loss
 * Developmental and Life stages concerns
 * Adjustments and transitions
 * Trauma
 * Parent-Child relationship
 * Couple / Marital relationship
 * Interpersonal relationship and communication
 * Career or work-related concerns
 * Personal effectiveness and growth 
 * Self-esteem and identity issues
 * Sexuality 
 * Personal clarity and healing
 * Personal growth
 * Existential concerns
 * Spirituality

Because at Life Pivot Counselling, we believe that,

“No one else can speak your message, or sing your song, or offer your act of love. God has entrusted these only to you.”

And we endeavor to journey and work with each of our clients towards whole and authentic living and health, and see lives renewed and take flight!

Feel free to contact us and enquire.

**We thank those of you who submitted your enquiries on our website. Kindly check your email that is linked to your WordPress account for our replies.

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