Will You Stand?

I have felt judged before. I think most of us have experienced being judged and at some point in time, some of us have been afraid of that. Sometimes, the fear of being judged is so overwhelming that we avoid groups or people altogether. The sting of being judged…

How to respond when we have been judged?


Ask yourself: Do you agree? Is that true and accurate of me in this context? What is there to support that judgment? What is there to contradict that judgment?


Feel your feelings. How am I feeling? Sad? Angry? Afraid? Confused?


Realize that you are still you despite having been judged. Realize you are still here despite being judged. It is okay to feel what you feel from that.

However, how will you want to respond so that it builds you? (And what if the judgment is true?)


Admit that you are not perfect. We all aren’t. Admit when we have made mistakes, fallen short or shown our ugliness.


Realize that is not the end and all of you. Because right there at that point of “defeat” or “failure” lies the potential for change and growth. And that starts with recognizing where we have fallen.


Choose to stand and love yourself, despite, nonetheless. And go through the learning and growing process. Stand by you like you will stand by your close ones even when they have “failed”. Because, in the bad, there is the good mixed in too. And because, we hope. We carry faith.


Be courageous and know that even when you feel weak, being open to considering standing for and by yourself is a good enough place to start.

Step out of that circle of fear of being judged. Be not the judge either.

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