Soul Tapestry

“Soul tapestry”.

This title and its theme have been ringing in my head for the past weeks. It is time to attempt articulating that which I would like to express…oh but, like any “soul” experiences, often they are more than words can describe. They are beyond words. Words are not enough. I shall attempt, nonetheless.

It is my belief that we are more than our brain, body, DNA, chemicals, mind, thoughts and emotions. We each have a soul, and there is where that aching for life to be more than it is stems from. Perhaps we can call it “existential restlessness”. It is not easy to be attuned to our souls, when we are caught up mostly in the daily grind of reasoning, logic, thoughts, chatter, activities, tasks, routine, social engagements and busyness etc.

Some experiences I can think of that might resemble “soul” experiences are when we see and touch snow for the very first time, the awe we experienced when we first caught sight of the Grand Canyon, when one awakes after being pronounced brain-dead, when one has an epiphany and life changes thereafter and when a piece of music brings us to tears, to a part of us that we call “deeper”. The “soul” experiences are spiritual in nature. And being spiritual does not necessarily mean religious. There are religious practices void of spirituality. The “soul” experiences are also relational.

I believe in integrating spirituality because at the heart of each of our being lies the soul. By this, I mean paying attention to our souls and having our souls fed too.

There is the weaver, there are the threads through life and there is soul tapestry.

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