Profoundly Beautiful

It happened during one Chinese New Year, and I carry the impacts of that experience till today.

It was like any other Chinese New Year of the past years but I was different that year. It was unplanned. I sat in that chair, settling down, and I observed. I was totally tuned in. I tuned in to the conversations happening around me then. I tuned in to what my eyes were taking in…the creases on so-and-so’s forehead, the weakened frame of so-and-so, the changes in people that took place so quietly but appeared so loudly when we met once in a long while, when I tuned in this time round.

One of the greatest gifts that we can receive and give to one another as fellow human beings is the gift of being fully present, the gift of presence. This is when we avail ourselves as fully as we can in the present to the person before us, and we tuned in to that person. Not thinking about what our next reply should be or what we need to get across…but just let the conversation and observation between us unfold naturally. And when that is reciprocated, “magic” happens between and within both parties. And when that is not reciprocated, guess what, you leave with that sense of beauty or goodness that come with the experience of being present.

Having people or a person who is present with us is essential no matter which stage of life we are in or what age we are of. Everyone of us needs this and deserves this.

This world needs more “magic” and more “leaping hearts” (yes, today is 29 February 2016!!)

Wishing you all a magical leap year 2016!


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