Gifts in Life

The post for December 2015 was delayed but is now ready for the start of a new year. It is timely.

December and a new year are often filled with celebrations whether in our lives or around us. We celebrate the end of a year of hard work, we celebrate union of couples, we celebrate new births, we celebrate Christmas, we celebrate success and the list continues. In the midst of these, we also face and experience losses, disappointments, setbacks, challenges and uncertainties. And at the cusp of a new year, we hope, we wish. We find it easier to celebrate and embrace the “ups” and the “successes”.

To embrace the “downs” and the “failures” can be counter-intuitive to most of us.

What if we were to celebrate and embrace the process of life that each of us get to live each day and the process of becoming the person we come to be each day? The process of life includes the experience of the “mundane”, the “mistakes”, the “failures”, the waiting, the struggle, the process of becoming and the process of coming to know. What if we do not judge ourselves, others and our experiences? But instead observe, come to know and accept our humanity.

As humans, we know in parts and try to gather pieces together. But for life, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Will you celebrate and embrace your process of living through life and your process of becoming who you have come to be in this new year, knowing that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts in life?

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