Continuing Pain

Pain tells us that “something is not okay”, something is not as it used to be or ought to be. We will be prompted to look, to see what is not okay. Most of us will then go on a search or seek to find ways to make it all okay, or more bearable at least.

Chronic pain and “psychic pain” are arguably the more challenging kinds of pain. Quick long-term relief from the pain is not commonly found. With “psychic pain”, the injuries are not visible to the eyes. The search for relief can feel elusive. These experiences also usually involve us getting in touch with our limits, the deeper parts of ourselves, and parts of ourselves that we are not conscious of prior. We can feel helpless or lost. Yes, we can feel angry or bitter too. We evaluate and we need to re-orient sometimes.

So, pain is sometimes the catalyst for change or the channel through which we explore, discover, learn and grow. For better or worse? It depends.

Going through pain can be a lonely experience. However, the reaching out for support or companionship of trusted folks or professionals can produce a strengthening effect, and help keep us afloat to catch breaths of fresh air as we continue the process of reaching for healing and recovery from pain.

Whether the effect of pain on us is for the better or worse, it depends on how we approach and cope with the process and workings of pain. One thing for sure, we don’t have to go at it alone.

And sometimes, at the end of the process, we experience our lives as “different”, in a good way.

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