Why Pain?

I took a break from writing the blog last month. Time and space were needed to navigate significant changes that happened.

The title for this blog entry seems apt in the current environment of news of plane crashes, bombings, diseases, deaths, political tensions and unrest, and even potential wars. For some of us, we experience the likes of these in our more immediate environment, in our very own lives. So, our worlds change. And we feel a range of emotions and sensations, and PAIN is often one of them.

A friend asked me a question along the line of, “why does pain exist?”. And, I can imagine people asking, “why do I need to feel pain?”.

Consider your experiences of pain. Do you find that pain has an “interesting” effect on you, like the way it can catch your attention and make you aware of your vulnerabilities and the (deeper) needs you have?

The experience and sensation of pain is able to catch our attention and direct our attention to that which is hurting, vulnerable, injured, damaged or highly sensitive, essentially the area/part that really needs our attention. Pain calls us to tend to these areas. Areas that perhaps we will otherwise let slip or procrastinate, ignore or are oblivious to, if not for pain. Pain also calls us to be gentle and sensitive in the way we approach or tend to ourselves. Otherwise, unnecessary injuries will ensue.

There is and can be so much more to speak about in response to the question of, “why pain?”. However, I shall end my brief response at this point.

When pain next strikes, may we find the grace we each need to tune in and find appropriate ways to tend to the parts of us that need attention and tending.

P.S. To be continued in the blog post of September 2015. 

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