When It Comes To Working With Others

What have your experiences of working with others been like? It could be in the form of pair work, trios, small or big groups.

What have been the effects of working with others on you so far?

A recent experience I had got me thinking and reminded me of one of the beautiful things about working with others. This also brought to mind a quote from Carl Jung, a Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist:

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”  ― C.G. Jung

We all have our individual ways and idiosyncrasies in how we work when we work with others, and this includes how we interact with them. The experiences of working with others are not always pleasant. Sometimes, it feels so complicated that we will rather work alone, i.e. go solo.

However, self-awareness, self-development and appreciation of others can also grow out of the experiences of working with others.

The differences that irked us sometimes turned out to be opportunities for us to be open and learn about different ways of approaching a task or handling a tricky situation, that we would otherwise not have considered or been aware of.

The strong reactions that bubbled up within us would often reveal to us aspects of ourselves, be it our prejudices, biases, values, beliefs or convictions, that we were perhaps previously not cognizant of or were clear about.

In taking time and being open to reflect on our experiences and reactions from working with others, and consider the diversity that others bring to the table, we each stand a good chance to grow in self-awareness and appreciation of others. We are also closer to seeing and realizing the beauty of working with others.

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