There was this day that I decided to LOOK myself in the mirror. The look I gave myself lasted longer than usual. And I became aware of the change in the way I related to myself. It happened not because I looked myself longer in the mirror, though this episode had helped me become aware of the change.

This experience interestingly bore witness to the shift in the way I now relate to myself.

I noticed and registered the lines I saw on my face, the darkening of my skin and the other signs of ageing. The interesting part is that though I am and have been cognizant of the fact that I am ageing and know that the signs of ageing have been showing like careless paints over canvas over the years, the change in the way I relate to myself seems to evolve on a different time schedule.

What do you experience when you look at yourself longer in the mirror? Do you experience a change in the way you relate to yourself?

What if your answer is “No”?

Then my question will be, “Do you want a change?”

Difference marks a change.

This also brings to mind the lyrics of a song called “The Birthday Song” by Corrinne May:

“Don’t worry about that extra line
That’s creeping up upon your face
It’s just a part of nature’s way to say you’ve grown a little more
Trees have rings and thicker branches
Kids shoes get a little tighter
Every year we’re getting closer to who we’re gonna be
It’s time to celebrate the story of how you’ve come to be”

Recognition of the change that has evolved within me over time and dawned on me on that day that I looked myself longer in the mirror.

So, I appreciate the process of ageing because I experience the process of becoming and growing.

Notice how you are different and are changing over the years…

Wishing you a “growthful” process of becoming…

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