Ride of Love

Two themes stood out for me when I watched the movie, “The Longest Ride”, recently. One of which was that love involves making sacrifices, and the other was that one who recognizes and prizes love, gains a treasure trove.

What do you prize in your life?

“Love” is a commonly used word around us. We hear it in songs. We read it in poetry and writings. We hear it from people around us. We convey and express it to people who have a special place in our hearts. And sometimes, we struggle with love and question what love really is.

I will not attempt to define love here. However, I think it is worth us keeping in mind that love always involves making sacrifices.

I don’t mean compromises. I mean sacrifices.

I see it in how sleep deprived parents will tend to their new-borns day in day out.

I see it in the elderly old man who will walk his elderly wife down the stairs though it is effortful.

I see it in the one who gave his life for another.

Have you seen or experienced the sacrifices of love?

Indeed, love costs. Love is not always rosy and easy. But “love always wins”. At the end of the day, love makes the ride all worthwhile.

What remains at the end of the day and leaves imprints of beauty in hearts and lives long after? Is it not love shown and received?

Whilst love costs, it also enriches.

The nature of love is not calculative. Let’s not take out a rule book and start doing a cost-benefit analysis when asked if we will love.

I hope we will always choose love, despite. Because I believe that with love, we always win. We have with us a priceless treasure.

So, I wish you love…

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