For the building of lives

I had the privilege of being present and observing an elderly gathering. When asked to share the happy times from their individual lives or the happiest moments or stages of their lives, guess what some of the answers were?

Some of the answers I heard were about experiences. Experiences of new things, of journeys made and of experiences with loved ones. Some of which were pretty recent experiences.

Seated and observing by the side, I was moved.

We all know that life is a journey, has its seasons and is punctuated with a range of emotions, challenges, circumstances, decisions and the unforeseen. Not picture perfect. Not always a bed of roses. It contains both sweet and bitter chocolates. To have lived through life to where they are now, with wrinkled faces and weakened physical bodies, they smiled and spoke of their happiness. The experience of taking a pause, having an overview of one’s life, including the present moment, and remembering that which and who have impacted one’s life, in the midst of the ride of life, is grand and touching to me.

What would my answer be? What would yours be?

The life we live and speak from today is the life we have built and lived out over time.

And so, how will your answer today shape the way you choose to live and build your life moving forward?

I know our answers will vary but I also know that happiness happens when our deepest and truest needs are met. And it seems to have the knack of appearing when you least expect it.

Unplanned. Pure. Organic.

I wish you all happiness in its most unadulterated form.

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Disclaimer: This blog and its posts are not treatment recommendations nor claim to represent clinical point of view. The contents of this blog do not replace formal consultation with a mental health or medical professional.  


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