The Issue of Weight

So, it all started with a song, called “Weightless”, by Christa Wells. This song helped to connect dots for me in my attempts to string words together to give expression to some human experiences. And, it made it all meaningful that it happened close to the cusp of a new year.

“Weight” – shame, guilt, regrets, wrongs, mistakes, skeletons in the closet, past wounds and scars, and secrets are some of the “emotional weight” that make up the load on our backs. Some of us are able to come to a resolution, some of us are stuck with bearing the “weight”. For some, the “weight” is borne for a lifetime.

At the close of a year, some of us look back and reflect. We feel the load on our backs. There is a desire for a lighter load and a hope to move into the new year anew. That means change needs to happen.

“Weightless” – Love, forgiveness and a change in mindset help us to leave the weight of shame, guilt, regrets, hurts and the past behind. That also means being able to let go and let others and ourselves off the hook…finally. So that newness can come. So that we can experience something different and new. And we may recognize it and call it, “weightless”. The possibility of leaving our load behind and experiencing “weightlessness” is not exclusive. It is available to all and may start with us choosing to let down the load.

May your new year be new and “weightless”!

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