Welcome to the website of Life Pivot Counselling!

“What is counselling?”

You may ask.

“Who needs counselling and when?” are probably the other questions you may ask thereafter.

Counselling is a professional yet deeply personal process undertaken by the client with a trained counsellor towards meeting and reaching the goals, needs and well-being of the client. It is an experiential journey and each person’s experience of counselling is unique.

Counselling involves providing a safe space for the client to express oneself, ask questions, clarify, work through relationships and issues, get unstuck, make a change, reach for greater heights, take a deeper journey inwards for self-discovery, learning and growth, or simply to heal and rest.

Hence, the goals and issues that can be covered in counselling are broad, varied and personal. And counselling is for anyone who hopes to experience a positive difference in their lives, and “now” is a good pivot point to start from towards a more wholistic health and life.

At Life Pivot Counselling, we take your well-being, growth and confidentiality seriously. We adhere to the strict and professional code of ethics governing the practice of counselling and confidentiality of clients.

Feel free to contact us or drop us an email to enquire.

**We thank those of you who submitted your enquiries on our website. Kindly check your email that is linked to your WordPress account for our replies.

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